Monday, July 28, 2008

hero status #3

congrats to jeremy scott smith for being this months hero. the pool of sweat around the neck line deriving from the untamed facial hair is a fantastic new look for this New-New Yorker, may he never shave and ride his dreams into the sunsets of tommorows horizon and update HOTBODS on the wings of Forever's wings (because Forever is a dragon).


Thursday, July 24, 2008

four eyes

i finished up my "temp" position at the NYS dept of Taxation on the 9th of this month and i realized that, shit, i never used any of my dental, eye or medical coverage i was qualified for through my insurance company and the Union that watched my ass while i showered ever night...anyways in college i wore reading glasses of which 99% of the world never got to see, partly because in my move to albany from shit hole to shit hole i seem to have missed placed them. But! luckly my lovely fiance made me an eye appointment last week for tuesday the 21st and i went in got my pup's (pupil's) tested and i was on my way to further my career in eye wear legistics. The best part, my insurance paid for it all and i got two pair for free. Apparently my right eye is stronger than my left and it has caused some internal gallactic battle between the two fucks for quite some time now, but all that has changed. Now two pairs of free glasses you might say...hmm well Kevin that seems to be quite the advantage, do they have to be the same frame? To answer your none existent question NO they dont...and didnt. I was able to quickly pick out one pair that i hoped my future wife and mother of my child would not pack her shit up and Uhaul her ass away to higher ground and also choose one pair that i thought, well...what the fuck, why not...

gold/brown square turtle shell frames
brown tinted lens
and the key to my heart.

enjoy world, i can finally see thee. xoxo

Thursday, July 17, 2008

white men CAN jump

xo to Brock Gardziel for this one.