Tuesday, July 31, 2007

busy b's

Christopher M. before filming
t a l e n t
yes i am
Neil Onederson w/ Gyro and Dez for a show in the park.

Joe and I have been strapped with new jobs as waiters and bartenders at some fancy joint lately so sorry about the lack of new videos, we promise we are working on new crap..literally. Here are some stills and sightings for the whatnot of it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Anybody wanna go?


Think Happy Thoughts...

Cuddlesmarket thanks Mike Dikk for his wonderful Photoshop abilities on this one. Check him out at www.dumpin.net.

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Always a Pleasure...

That is actually a piece of toilet paper between that fine, classy, beautiful young womans legs. From her crotch to the floor. Mmmmmm...

Mothra: an Ode

Oh Mothra how your terror reigned far and wide across the Midwest Plains of Asia and how you spread fear into the hearts of Asian men and women alike and how you destroyed Asian cities with your evilness all the while arguing and getting into scuffles and tiff's with Godzilla over god knows what, my guess would be a really hot Asian like Tia Carrere in 1992's Waynes World 1 or 2 because she was really hot.
Oh Mothra how your wings are fierce and could kill tons of people, and did, but how memorizing they span across the clouded air with thier crazy wacky colors and patterns drawing attention even King Kong couldn't handle...maybe he should have shaved or trimmed his winter bush...maybe waxed, who knows, the point is you are better looking than him and that's all that really matters.
And Oh Mothra, how i wake up cold at night shivering and cringe to think of you swooshing through the midnight air to take me and my friends and family away to your evil layer or cave or wherever you reside, maybe you sublet an apartment...do you Mothra? Do you sublet or possibly live/own rental property? Anyways you'd take us to your sublet apartment or condo on the beach where you do not nice things to us and where we would surely not surive...but please tell your goddamn mediocre sized cousin to get the fuck away from my coffee cup before i call the cops or put his green ass in a bodycast and make him a summer "show & tell" project for 4H children.

thank you


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1/2 the soda....

filmed-edited-produced by Dood Computer, staring Joe-CamsMarket and myself



Monday, July 2, 2007

Lamda Lamda Lamda

stolen from J-HansMarket. pictures from finish to start. get sacked.