Monday, May 28, 2007

where the buffalo rome

125 cc's of "climax control" for $425 aint bad. good trip home. giddy up or get fucked.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

time to grow up.

first things first, in order to be MATURE one must understand exactly what "maturity" means. For example, im writing on a PC which keeps freezing up on me every two seconds because it's a fucking fossil and didn't feel the need to grow with the changing times and technology exploring the outer limits of the world wide web listening to all the other computers around it saying and txt'ing "hey yer a faggot" - which isn't "PC" but the computer is so fuck it...this is what is known as being a piece of shit and "not mature."

there are 3 major rules when becoming MATURE:
1. Be Mature
2. Get Intimate
3. Climax.

rule 1:
-now if you put pants on in the morning and brush your teeth then chances are you are on your way to a successful career at being "mature." If you wake up and finger your asshole to Phil Collins in the shower then get dressed and put a visor on, end it...there is no reason to go on, or exist anymore. All one really needs to do is focus on rules number 2-3 and you might have a shot

rule 2:
-get intimate, i mean real intimate. i don't care with who or what, just feel the shit out of something as hard as you can. Understanding and getting to know who you're being intimate with is a major success in being mature, so fuck it, spray some expensive shit on your clothes, nod your head like your interested and go out and fondle the fuck out of what makes your Lawrence Fish-burn. if it works then you are on your way to...

rule 3:
climax, and i mean fucking every where. i dont care where you are; your sweethearts love nest, the bathroom, skydiving, the mall, school, mountain climbing, church, gym class, your sisters tank top treasure chest...who cares, just do it. the point is if you want to be mature you have to stare it in the mirror and howl at it's full moon, bite the bullet and climax the shit out of this world.

so, focus and perform. the sooner you expand into the world of being mature the sooner you will get that job you've always wanted, or make that final stock investment, maybe wake up with your "Tom Myspace" in a twelve year old boy who's confused and wondering what happened to the rest of the marching band and "hey, this isn't the Memorial Day parade!?" It's all up to you.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

tulip fest...or feast?

this guy about sums it up.

click clack

shoot-em-up's on B Block cant stop a bbq escapade

Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

skate and die

even the Pope loves to cuddle.